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We offer group training  and individual coaching for children and adults. 

Etiquette 101 for Parents 

 This 1 Hour Parenting Workshop that is designed to  help parents teach manners in the home. 

Session includes:

Define Etiquette, Why does it matter?, A Proper Introduction, Corrections, A Sincere Apology, Accepting the "No" Word Graciously, A Casual Society, and Dining Etiquette

Etiquette Essentials

 for Little Ladies and Gentlemen

 ages 4  through 8

12 sessions include:

What is Etiquette, Making Introductions, Kindness, Sharing, 

Magic Words, Cleaning Up, Table Manners, Good Hygiene, The "No" Word, Sincere Apologies, Being a Guest, and Positive Communication

Etiquette Essentials 

for Elementary Schoolers 

Topics include:

Greeting Others, Impressions, Appreciation, Communication, Trust , Attitude, Fairness, Dining Part 1 and 2, and Wrap Up

Etiquette Essentials 

for Middle School Ladies

Topics include:

Greeting Others, Walking and Posture, Appearance, Communication, Emergencies, Respect and Courtesy, Sportsmanship, Setting the Table, Dining Skills, and Napkins and Utensils

Etiquette Essentials

 for Middle School Gentlemen

Got Nagging Parents? 

Stop the Mama Drama for Good!!

Put an end to your parents nagging, yelling, and stressing you out. Learn strategies to keep your parents off your back.  Strengthen your listening, cooperation, and communication skills. Equip yourself to become more accountable, and responsible. Gain the respect you deserve!

Polite Kids 101 

Parents, do  you want  a manners class to help your child stay on track with kind and respectful living? Look no further! Teaching includes choosing kindness and respect, introducing yourself with good eye contact and a firm handshake,  interrupting *politely*, listening skills, how to set a table along with table manners, being a guest in someone’s home and birthday party manners. We serve a light meal with finger sandwiches, applesauce, carrot sticks, etc. so please make us aware of any food allergies. The 3 hour course for youth ages 7 to 14 includes a workbook and certificate of completion.

Safe  Kids 101

Safe Kids 101 is a 3 hour workshop that will equip 9 to 14 year olds with the best safety practices at home and in the community.

 Topics include:

 responsibilities when staying home alone, simple first aid, understanding safety in various scenarios (home, fire, aggressive dogs), digital safety, how to navigate the online world, abuse, and abduction 

BabySitting 101

Babysitting 101 is a fun, interactive, 5 hour comprehensive training program designed for the 11 to 16 year old emergent babysitter. 

Topics include: 

getting your business started, marketing and organizing your babysitting skills, the character of a babysitter,  understanding the likes and dislikes of children, equipping yourself with ideas for a fun, practical tote bag, and playing with kids of all ages. Students will learn solutions for the most common problems babysitters face, performing simple first aid, and watch a video demonstration of CPR and abdominal thrusts for choking emergencies. Class includes a complimentary lunch with pizza, beverage, and dessert; workbook, some business start up essentials, course completion card, and link to online certification exam.

 BE YOUTIFUL and Drama Free Series is designed to teach young ladies in grades 5 through 9 strategies to express themselves and communicate more effectively. Topics include: expressing feelings, expressing yourself, self esteem, embracing me, positive vs negative attention, parents matter, setting goals, create a drama free plan. The 10 session series will culminate with the BE YOUTIFUL and Drama Free Parent Showcase.

The Art of Friendships

This 12 hour workshop is designed for girls ages 8 to 14 and is geared to empowering them to develop strong friendships and emotional well-being, Learners will gain confidence, skills and practice for building relational resilience, solve relational conflicts, and strengthen leadership skills.

Topics include:

Introduction to Program, Being a Good Friend, Understanding Big Feelings, Self Care for Big Feelings, When Conflict Arises-Roles and Voices, Stand Up Skills for Targets, Stand Up Skills for Bold Bystanders, Stand Up Skills When You're in the Middle, Stand Up Skills When You Feel Mean, Maintaining Trust and Compassion, Your Team-Mentors-Role Models, Stand-Speak-Make a Commitment 

Game Plan for Middle Schoolers

The abstinence based  workshop uses a sports analogy to help students understand the importance of strategically setting goals and incorporates  character development, decision making skills, media awareness , dealing with peer pressure, and cultivating healthy relationships.

Topics include:

Making a Game Plan for Your Life, Sex in the Media, Risks and Consequences of Sex Before Marriage, It's Never Too Late to Start Over Again, The Importance of Choosing Your Friends, Looking at Marriage as a Goal, and Making it Work

Navigator for High School  Students 

The abstinence based workshop helps students identify and avoid risky  behaviors Students are encouraged to navigate their way to a healthy, successful future. 

Topic include:

Future Goals and Dreams, Seeing Media Clearly, Sexual Decision Making, Avoiding the Obstacles of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Resisting Pressures: Alcohol. Tobacco, and Other Drugs, Survival Skills, Developing Relationships, and Preparing for a Future Marriage, and Family


for the Champion Athlete

The workshop  is ideal for beginning and experienced athletes at elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

Topics include:

Athlete Pre & Post Assessment Survey and Reflection, Being a Good Sport, Rules of Sportsmanship, Rules for Spectators, Locker Room and Facility Protocol, Quotes, and You Tube footage featuring athletes

Choose from one of our existing workshops or schedule a consultation to discuss customization of a program for a group or an individual to meet your specific goal. We offer group instruction and individual coaching at our training facility and may be able to make arrangements to come to your venue or location. Travel,  accommodation fees, and other expenses  apply outside of the immediate service area. Please call a representative for details.

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Private lessons for families and individual coaching is available.  

Special Offer: Book a class, Parents Night Out Event, or camp for your group of children, teens, or young adults. Include  your  neighbors, friends, family, and acquaintances.  Select some dates  that work for you and we will do our best to accommodate your group. A minimum of 10 participants qualifies for the  discount rate . 

We can customize sessions to meet the needs of your group.  




As the Administrative Assistant for the Cops ‘N Kids Reading Center, Inc. and having a long history of working with children as well as adults in general, I highly recommend SAVVY School of Etiquette.  Fawn Funderburg, Founder & Owner has a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share with young adults trying to make their way and discover what type of individual they strive to become. I’ve attended one of her classes and can personally vouch for her rapport with young adults. 

They were very receptive to improving themselves personally as well as professionally.  Older adults were present as well and we all learned a few things during Fawn’s etiquette class.  So if you are in the market for self-improvement, sign up for Fawn Funderburg’s SAAVY School of Etiquette! You will not be disappointed!!

Becky St. Martin

Administrative Assistant

Cops ‘N Kids Reading Center, Inc.

800 Villa Street

Racine, WI  53403


My teenage son was unable to attend his session, so I attended in his place. I am so happy I did. The session educated the participants on the etiquette of handshakes. I was very impressed that Ms. Funderburg addressed the etiquette of handshakes in persons who have disabilities.  As a Medical Doctor, I know that the subject she discussed occurs  in real life for persons with disabilities. Great class: up to date and informative!!!

Dr. Lynda Moses (2/13/2019)

I really appreciate you and your SAVVY School. I think etiquette is so important to our little ones. This is a "lost art"  and I am so relieved that you are here to bring it back. I will continue to spread the word.

Mrs. Shawn Clark  (3/17/2019)

I signed Brandon up for the Savvy School of Etiquette class. This is the most beautiful place!!! Just west of I94 on Hwy 20. It’s called the Ponds... it is available to rent for parties. This is the best kept secret in the area!! Mrs. Fawn is amazing and Brandon loved the class. I highly recommend the class and the faculty. Top notch!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shelly Janke, Owner

New Image Total Body Spa, LLC 

4060 N. Main Street

Caledonia, WI 53402 


At SAVVY I learned about table setting, proper greetings, and formal introductions. It was pretty interesting and valuable to learn about these things.     Valerie H., 14

Dear Mrs. Fawn     Thank you so much for teaching me. I enjoyed your class.

Some things I would like to tell other kids who are thinking of taking your class are:

  • it is fun!
  • Mrs. Fawn is very nice 
  • No one thinks you have bad manners
  • Probably will make new friends.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to take 

Mrs. Fawns class.